Sexy Lumberjack Wax Melts

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A walk in the woods reveals unexpected pleasure. Bayberry cologne spiked with cinnamon hangs in the air. A squeeze of orange adds distinctive character to this highly scent-ual offering. This aromatic is destined for favor amongst men and women, alike.

Crumble Co. Soy Wax Melts are famous for long lasting strength, natural smelling aromas, fun colors and eco-friendly decorations! You only need one wax cube to fragrance your home in quirky, unique aromas. From relaxing, to getting the energy you need, aroma therapy meets inspiring fun with one handmade wax tart. Wax bars may very in color and decor from batch to batch, because they are actually handmade in small batches! With thousands of 5 Star aromas, you're sure to fall in love with so many new home fragrances! If you ever feel you're not getting 5 Star performance, please email Team Crumble at and we will gladly troubleshoot with you, and make it right! Thank you for reading, and supporting our family owned heart-made business. :)