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The Anti-Suicide & Pro-Joy Candle Co.

Crumble Co. is a Kansas City based, modern and trendsetting line of aroma products, designed by Brandon Love. But more importantly, Crumble Co. is a community. Join our Facebook Group, the “Crumble Family”. Facebook's largest aroma-product community, and emotional support group. Featuring “Love Stream TV”, a show focused on emotional and mental health, coping mechanisms, anxiety and depression.
Come for the smells, stay for the community. Welcome to the Crumble Family!

Founded in 2015 by 18-year-old Brandon Love, Crumble Co. serves to spread kindness and compassion through it's Facebook Community, the "Crumble Family", where—through community and love—we serve each other, with open arms and compassion. A place where people are heard, supported and loved through the ups and downs of their beautiful lives. Experiences are shared, and lessons are learned.

"My name's Brandon, and in 2015 I attempted to end my life. 

At 17, I found myself in a common situation you may be familiar with. All at once, from all sides, it seemed everything was crumbling around me. My schooling, my career path and my three year relationship all came to a stop. 

I found myself at rock bottom, which in my case was my father's closet sitting on a bag of old clothes, fiddling with a gun and contemplating quitting life. 

One phrase, buried beneath all my pain and worry, whispered loud enough in my heart for me to barely hear: "Stay busy." The words of my close friend, in her advice of getting through this hard time in my life. She told me "Go out, stay busy, keep your hands creating things, stay social, and in time you'll look back and it. Will. Be. Better." 

Better sounded... better

I went downstairs, with the last $50 I had to my name and a crazy idea that piqued my interest a few years back. I went to my Mom, and said "Let's start a candle company, I'll put in $50, and you put in $50, and you can keep the leftover money." 

I just wanted to stay crafty, I wanted to stay busy, I wanted to feel better. 

And there I stood, in my mother's kitchen back in Baltimore, with a rusted up decade old pot on our gas stove. Melting wax. Mixing. Pouring. Creating new names... New ideas. 

Staying busy. 

Two and half years has passed since those events.

And today I am much better than better. 

My soul purpose is to allow the light that Crumble Co. has been in my life, to be a light in the hearts of many. 

While life has had its endless ups and downs, I can't imagine never having met the amazing people, living through the amazing journey and doing the amazing things that I have done since that vulnerable night in my father's closet, fiddling a gun. 

I can't imagine never seeing another sunset, or another sunrise. Feeling the rain on my face, or the sun on my skin. 

Crumble Co. has saved my life, and it's my biggest hope that it can assist in saving the lives of others, and making many people feel the bountiful joy it has brought me. 

Remember, you are OH so very loved... 
Brandon Love,
President & Founder
Crumble Co. "


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