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The Anxiety STOP Button

The Anxiety STOP Button

When The Heart and The Mind disagree, it’s easy for The Heart to grab the wheel and take control: you fill with feelings of lust, grief, yearning, missing, sadness or overjoy...

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So, what even is a Crumble?

As a teenager, Brandon Love struggled with depression and fitting in. After an attempted suicide attempt, Brandon decided to stay busy, get crafty and do good.

That was 4 years ago, and in that time Brandon's creation which began as a simple candle company has sprawled into an international Kindness Movement! Raising thousands for crucial life saving foundations and impacting hundreds of thousands throughout his online community known as the "Crumble Family". 

The Crumble Family was born from Brandon's Facebook Group of the same name, in 2015. After moving over a thousand miles away from his family and loved ones to find himself, he found (a lot of) friends online who all wanted to rally behind his quirky creations, positive attitude and the life lessons he's been sharing along the way. 

So, in short? Crumble Co. is Brandon Love's passion child. A platform for his designs and creations to find their way into your heart and home, and make you crack a smile all the while. 

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