Wheel-of-Crumble Prize Crate

$ 9.99

Come one, come all! Take a step up to the Wheel-of-Crumble and win all your noses desires! 

From full collection boxes like Zodiac, Pride and Cult, to exclusive Wheel aromas, perfumes, face masks, bath bombs & seasonal surprises! Spinning the wheel is a guaranteed win every time. One prize per spin unless otherwise noted.* Photos not an accurate representation of prize pool. 

Possible Prizes:
$100 Gift Card 
$50 Gift Card 
$25 Gift Card 
A Zodiac Collection Box
A Pride Collection Box 
A Cult Collection Box
A Cuticle Cream 
A Hyaluronic Acid Face Mist 
A Shea Butter Face Mask 
A Wheel Exclusive Wax Melt 
Half Pound Mystery Melts
A Wax Melts Sample Pack
A Yummy Wax Melt
A Relaxing Wax Melt
A Luxury Lip Scrub
A Roll On Perfume 
A Mystery Bath Bomb 
A Seasonal Wax Melts
An Exclusive Wax Cuttable
+ Possible bonus spins, exclusive samples & sticker packs!

Prizes range from $7-100. Samples and freebies are not guaranteed. Do not play if winning a lower end prize will poop on your party. 

*Purchasing does not include an actual wheel spin. Prizes are chosen at random at the time of shipping. Photos not an accurate representation of prize pool. 

Terms & Policies: ONE total prize per purchase. Purchasing this item is for one spin. Your prize is mailed within 7 business days in appropriately sized packaging, not a wooden crate. Zero refunds, exchanges or returns may be made on products purchased through the  wheel of crumble unless damaged upon receipt. Prizes are random and may not be your preferred prize. No requests. Purchase exempt from the Sniff, Sniff, Hooray! Guarantee. All prizes listed have a 1-20% chance of winning. Photos not an accurate representation of prize pool.