Granny's Stale Ass Candy Dish Wax Melts

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Sparkly colors under the glass lid pull you closer, so bright, so festive. You lift the lid and smell sweet licorice, pink sugar and creamy chews... You close your eyes and reach in- ope, they... crap, everything's stuck together. Darn-it, Granny.


Meet the 600+ hour wax melt! Slow & steady aroma releases twice as strong as a candle. Hand mixed, poured and decorated in Kansas in small batches, everyday. American-sourced soy, oils, and packaging. Non-toxic, phthalate-free aroma. Safe around kiddos and fuzzy friends. Lasting 600-1,000 hours per bar. Crumble Candle is proud to be a Queer owned company! :)


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