Frootie Loopers Surface Soap Refill

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Cleaning got ya in your feelings? Turn that frown upside down! Meet our surface soap concentrate, a skin friendly alternative to hard chemical surface cleaners! Smells great, cleans muck & grime with ease. It even wipes away bacteria!* Gentle enough to use anywhere dirty surfaces can be found. Try on stoves, counters, microwaves & more! (Some solid soap may gather at the surface, simply shake to break up as we do not use chemical emulsifiers.)

✨ Safe to use around kids, fuzzy friends and sensitive noses! ZERO chemical smell. Designed to be as safe and effective as hand soap! ✨

*How to use:
1. Add 1oz to a 16oz spray bottle, fill with water and shake to mix.
2. Spray liberally on your dirty surface. For best results, wait 5-10 minutes depending on your mess.
3. Wipe away grime, grease and bacteria. Repeat if needed. 
4. Wipe dry with a moist cloth or dry paper towel depending on your surface.

Strength Calculator:
Standard Strength: 1oz concentrate to 16oz bottle.
Extra Strength (How we sell it in spray form): 2 oz concentrate to 16oz bottle.
Super Strong Grease Buster: 4oz concentrate to 16oz bottle.

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