Frootie Loopers Crumble2Go Aroma Spray

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Aroma: Fruity cereal nostalgia!

Your friend just texted you—

you there? 

coming over rn

Which is awesome (who doesn’t love company?), except rn, your place is a mess—shoes all over the front hall, clothes draped on the TV, dirty dishes on every available surface. Whoops! Who’s up for some speed hiding, err, cleaning? 

Also? Things are smelling less than fresh—definite whiffs of your fur baby, Captain Fluffypants. 

Then you remember that you’ve got Crumble-2-Go. Just a few sprays and your apartment is transformed into an aromatherapy oasis.

In fact, it smells so good that you no longer care about the mess. (Let ‘em see, it’s part of your charm.)

Your favorite Crumble Co. scents are now portable. With Crumble-2-Go, you get long-lasting, irresistible fragrance wherever and whenever you need it. Try it as a room spray, in your sock drawer, as a hair freshener, in the car, or even as a body spray. 

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