Five2ndRule™ Stressless Rinse-Free Hand Wash

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When life gives you stress, make stress-onade. Wait, that’s not the saying.

When life feels stressful, make do with… less? No, that’s not right, either.

Y’all, I’m at a loss. Chalk it up to stress—that shit makes your brain shrink.

How about this: when life is turned all the way up to eleven but you’d prefer to dial it back to a more soothing five, reach for Crumble Co.’s Green Stressless.

Zingy eucalyptus boosts circulation to the brain, breaking you out of your mental fog, while the fresh, restorative scent of spearmint calms and uplifts, enhancing your concentration and your mood.

Cue the relaxation in five, four, three, two, ahhh.


Meet Five2ndRule!

Grab the mail—sanitize.

Touch a doorknob—sanitize.

Put your grocery cart away—definitely sanitize.

Chances are, you’re very aware of everything you touch these day—and you’re probably cleaning your hands way more than ever.

While it’s the smart thing to do, using hand sanitizer whenever you can’t wash can be really hard on your skin. Which is why you need a better kind of cleanser.

Five2ndRule is a gentle, rinse-free hand wash with soothing aloe, vegan glycerin, skin-friendly vitamins and 70% alcohol. 

With so many of your favorite Crumble Co. scents to choose from, cleaning your hands will become something you actually look forward to doing.

Five2ndRule. Your hands will thank you. So will your nose.



Warnings: For external use only. Flammable, keep away from fire or flames. Do not use in eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water. Stop use and consult a doctor if irritation and redness develop and persist for more than 72 hours. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center immediately. May discolor certain fabrics. 4oz total. 

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