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Meet Wheel-Of-Crumble!

Our prize pool is a collection of wax melts, soaps, scrubs & any possible Crumble concoction you can imagine! Every spin is a chance to win an exclusive more rare prize! Such as full collection boxes like Zodiac, Pride and Cult, to exclusive Spin Club aromas, perfumes, face masks, bath bombs, limited edition wax melts and seasonal surprises! Spinning the wheel is a guaranteed win every time of a wax melt of higher value- and always a chance to discover something new! 

Spin Club is suited for any budget. Simply select your monthly spin amount and enjoy! Our Subscribers love their Spin Club subscriptions and swear by it's value- and you will, too. Select 1-4 spins by searching Spin Club. 

Wheel-Of-Crumble Creative Description:

It’s that time of year: the fair has come to town! You’re walking arm in arm with your honey, winding your way through the midway towards the rides—and hoping you can convince them to take a spin on the Scrambler so you can get a little cuddle action going—when you first spot it: a giant, colorful wheel, spinning ‘round and ‘round like a hypnotic rainbow.

A man with a handlebar mustache is working the booth. As you approach, he calls out, “Step right up to the Wheel of Crumble and win all that your nose desires!” 

Your date turns to you excitedly. “Can we? Sounds like fun!”

The man calls out again, “Come one, come all! Every spin is a winner.”

The tickets you bought are burning a hole in your pocket. You think, Why not?

A little giddily, you hand a fistful of tickets to the man. He stows them in a lock box and pulls down hard on the wheel. It spins wildly, the colors vivid against the rapidly darkening sky. You and your date clutch each other, holding your breath with anticipation. The wheel spins red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, again and again.

Where will it stop? Nobody knows.


Prizes range from $7-100 per crate. Samples and freebies are not guaranteed. Do not play if winning a lower end prize will poop on your party. 
*Purchasing does not include an actual wheel spin or crate. Prize (1 usually) is chosen at random at the time of shipping. Photos not an accurate representation of prize pool. 
Terms & Policies: ONE total prize per purchase. Purchasing this item is for one spin. Your prize is mailed  in an appropriately sized packaging, not a wooden crate. Zero refunds, exchanges or returns may be made on products purchased through the  wheel of crumble unless damaged upon receipt. Prizes are random and may not be your preferred prize. No requests. Purchase exempt from the Sniff, Sniff, Hooray! Guarantee. All prizes listed have a 1-20% chance of winning. Photos not an accurate representation of prize pool. 


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