Chocolate Orange Wax Melts

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That's no fruitcake! *Thwap!* you smack the orange tinted foil ball on the tabletop. Rushing to unwrap orange tinted foil, slices of milk chocolate orange slices fall apart, and without a second to spare you pop a sweet delicious slice of chocolate orange into your mouth. A seasonal citrus treat you always hope to find in your stocking. 

  Art by Addeline Griswold!

Meet the 600+ hour wax melt! Slow & steady aroma releases twice as strong as a candle. Hand mixed, poured and decorated in Kansas in small batches, everyday. American-sourced soy, oils, and packaging. Non-toxic, phthalate-free aroma. Safe around kiddos and fuzzy friends. Lasting 600-1,000 hours per bar. Crumble Candle is proud to be a Queer owned company! :)


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