Welcome to Crumble Co, a mission driven line of aroma and cosmetic treats handcrafted in Kansas City.
We're famous for big impact in a small package, and proudly support equal rights, racial justice, women's rights and more.
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The Charity Melt

Standing up when the going gets tough is what Crumble's known for. We put our values first when finding new suppliers, hiring employees, and lovin' on our customers.

Proudly employing members of the Transgendered, Veterans, Ex-Prisoners, Single Moms with no job history & team members from all walks of life.

Working exclusively with cruelty free suppliers, from our farm picked & processed soy wax, fragrance manufacturing and packaging manufacturing. It's all right here in the USA, much done by hand to ensure the best quality and provide fair paying jobs across the country.

Our monthly Charity Melt is a 100% profit donation, to one of our 17+ charitable organizations supporting our mission of equality, fair pay, racial justice, global warming, world peace & getting money out of our democracy.

Foundations we've proudly partnered with since 2015 include, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the Trevor Project, Brain & Behavior Research Foundation and the Pathway To Hope Foundation, who awarded us with the Mental Health Impact Award in 2019 for our efforts and accomplishments in our mission to end suicide and normalize talking about our noggin'.

Responsibly grown businesses can & do happen, we're living proof and we couldn't do it without you. Thank you for being part of our impact to make the world a brighter, safer and kinder place.

Our Monthly Charity Melt is announced in our Facebook Group, the Crumble Family every month. "The Best Facebook Community" - Pitch Magazine