Scent List

Scent List, in alphabetical order:


Banana Taffy


A grown-up version of a carnival treat. Sun-ripened banana merged with a bountiful swig of rum. Apples doused in a buttered vanilla custard creates an intoxicating aroma of sumptuous epicurean pleasures, existence the price.




Enthralling midnight skies illuminated by fireworks. Notes of boysenberry wine meld with sumptuous vanilla bean in this gratifying blend of jubilant celebration. Velvety magnolia blossom and the barest whisper of raspberry joins the dance in this evocative blend which acknowledges all that was, all that is...and all that is yet to be.


Bedtime Goddess


When the lights go down, beckon the goddess within. Darkened heliotrope and lavender buds combine for restful repose. The barest hint of chamomile hastens the Goddess of Bedtime into deepest sleep.


Big Hugs


Notes of peach and watermelon gracefully entwine with honeyed neroli and romantic jasmine. Perfumed waters and musk softly envelop each fragrant component in the warmth of a soft embrace.




A neglected cottage in the copse of a wood begins the adventure. Aphotic herbs intertwined with mystical incense. Lilac, hypnotic and powdery, blooms in the shadowed distance. Something fragrant this way comes...



Blueberry Cupcake


Our mouth-watering take on a bakery classic. A rich yellow cake amply studded with blueberries ... topped with a fluffy vanilla frosting which is sprinkled with orange zest.


Book Shoppe


Cedar-lined bookshelves border sun-drenched walls of books. The aroma of hazelnut coffee sharply permeates the air. The shopkeeper's cat laps at a generous saucer of cream. Step inside and inhale the commingled scents of a different time and place.


Bubblegum Bitch


A snappy composite of bright peppermint teeming with cherry vanilla. A smidgen of tropical banana and pineapple soaks into the pleasing depths of this deeply satisfying offering...a sweet-smelling tribute to days long past.



Cabernet (non-seasonal)


Love at first scent.

A decadent pairing of plum blossoms tempered with undertones of vanilla bean. The seductive finish of this intoxicating blend features ambrosial notes of fresh strawberry to tantalize the sensorial palate.



Christmas Cabernet


A holiday treat for every nose...including Rudolph's.

Experience this spirited blend of mulled wine artfully combined with notes of winter jasmine. Enjoy this--our most extravagant Christmas fragrance--perfect to satisfy any craving.



Cinnamon Rolls


A tray of cinnamon rolls, fresh from the oven.

Each creation is abundantly slathered with warm icing and fresh butter. An epicurean offering of ooey-gooey perfection fills any space with the reassuring fragrance of home sweet home.


Crumble Cherry Cola


Sweet and spice with everything nice.

A sparkling medley of candied black cherry cascaded over an inky pool of syrupy molasses.


Crumbucks Bold Roast



A coffee shop comes to life during the dawn of a new day. There is a slow build of quiet anticipation since the perfect cup of coffee develops slowly, over time.


Remember: coffee bean waxes are like people; you never realize their strength until heat has been added.


Frootie Loopers


A well-sugared blend of nostalgia for any warmer. This scent evokes memories of the Saturday morning breakfasts of childhood. Tart lemon rind sprinkled liberally over fresh lime slices and finished with the barest whisper of sugared vanilla. If happiness has a fragrance: this is it.


Fruit Punch


Choicest black cherry and lime meets strawberry and eucalyptus in an aromatically pleasing way. Clove-soaked vanilla lends a Stygian complexity to this superb mixture of instant gratification.


F*ck Anxiety


Troubles, like bubbles, seemingly disappear upon a drift of fragrant delight. Lush peony merges cheerfully with jasmine and notes of faded orchid. A drizzle of Egyptian musk deepens this popular creation famed for turning any frown upside down.


Gay is Okay


Sweetness and light brought to life! A bowlful of sweetened blueberries served with a bountiful dollop of crème fraîche. Rounding out the sweetness profile, we've added a sexy note of white amber tempered with vanilla bean perfection.


Gummy Bears


A sweet treat for the senses. Fresh-squeezed lemons meet magnificent raspberries in a joyous blend one can practically taste. This confection is then judiciously combined with juiciest peach and enough sugar to please the young (and the young-at-heart)!



Hazelnut Coffee


A visit to a local coffeehouse yields a beverage of unequalled perfection: strong coffee married with dollops of vanilla cream generously embellished by lashings of hazelnut syrup.


Man Bun


Our most outdoorsy (but oh, so provocative) fusion of an unrestrained evergreen forest conjoined with the delicious warmth of spun vanilla sugar. Adventurous, yet comforting, this phenomenal blend encapsulates life as it is meant to be.


Oh So Pretty


Beauty born in fragrance. Bergamot in the Italian countryside. Overgrown lemon trees on rolling fields of sunshine. Roses, heavy with dew, cascade with abandon over the lips of cedar pots. It is our hope you will enjoy this blend: our most fragrant getaway experience.


Peace of Mind


A restoratively calming blend to soothe an anxious soul. An artfully blended pairing which features sweet, creamy banana along with exotic notes derived from the kiwi berry. Let its tropical aura wash over you whilst gently whisking your cares away.


Pink Stressless


Distinctive eucalyptus binds gorgeously with heady notes of spearmint to positively obliterate anxiety. Notes of juiciest strawberry peeks through this fragrant masterpiece bringing a joyful sense of calm to any setting.



Pure Imagination


A magical creation of blackberry fizz generously folded into a layer of coconut maple sugar. Our world-changing blend is then finished to perfection by adding the dashiest dash of butterscotch rum.


Sev'n Up Cake


Fresh from the kitchen is this delectable blend of vanilla cake effervesced with lemon and lime. Our mouthwatering delicacy is then lavishly covered in a layer of cinnamon brown sugar icing with just a smattering of toasted coconut. This formulation is truly heaven scent.


Sexy Lumberjack


A walk in the woods reveals unexpected pleasure. Bayberry cologne spiked with cinnamon hangs in the air. A squeeze of orange adds distinctive character to this highly *scent-ual* offering. This aromatic is destined for favor amongst men and women, alike.


Shark Attack


Soft winds caress the air with the scent of heady jasmine. Coconut lotion laced with sugared violets drenches sun-warmed skin. This is one killer blend.'re gonna need a bigger warmer.


Sleepy Sloth


When bed becomes a welcome oasis from the burdens of life: Sleepy Sloth is the answer. Oriental woods underscored with lashings of warmed vanilla. Cherry blossom essence glides upon the surface of this expertly crafted fragrance and, lulled to sleep, the world is made right, once again.


Snowy White


Once upon a time...


The comforting aroma of cinnamon-coated orchard apples meets the full-bodied duskiness of vanilla absolute.


* Deemed "the fairest melt of all" by seven out of seven dwarves.


Unicorn Berries



A dusky blend of purple grapes integrated with splendid hints of raspberry. A complex backdrop of sweetened berries completes this enchanting fantasy melt.


* No unicorns were harmed in the making of this berry good selection.