Hey! I'm Brandon. 

Thanks for joining us, whether you've signed up for a giveaway, are making your first purchase or found us through an inter-dimensional portal from a world where's everything's directed by Tim Burton- I'm thankful you're here.

When I uprooted myself from my hometown outside of Baltimore Maryland, setting new roots in the far away land of Kansas proved itself a little (lot) more challenging than I anticipated. 

Between you, me & Toto- I spent more time alone eating ice cream than I did interacting with the locals. Don't get me wrong- unlike the movies, not once in Kansas did I get squished by a house, kidnapped by a witch, sung to by munchkins or stalked by a cowardly lion. 

Instead I found myself in reality. Stuck at home, running a business, reverting to my awkward high school self while really just wanted to make friends. To spend time with actual HUMANS.

I became the guy trying to have conversations with the mailman (Hi, Sean!).

On a more serious note, everyone should wake up in this world and
1. Feel expected somewhere or by someone.
2. Be given opportunities to connect with others.

And when I launched our community, I didn't realize that's exactly what I was searching for (and what tens of thousands of others had been searching for, too).

It's very easy to fall into the idea that, only WE could possibly be having our problems. Only WE can feel this depressed, or get lonely, or not know how to connect properly- but I'll tell ya doll face, there's a whole slew of us ready to awkward dance party it up with you.

I urge you to add some joy to your timelines, make some connections & have fun in Facebooks largest 24/7 staffed mental health community.

The Crumble Family has been awarded for the Mental Health Impact Award in 2018 by Pathway To Hope, as well as The Best Facebook Community by Pitch Magazine in 2019. 

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Hundreds of members of the Crumble Family community drove hundreds and even thousands of miles to celebrate our first store launch in 2018 and to meet the team behind the mission!



In 2015 we defined our mission and began giving back to The Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation, which was the first branch in many of our efforts to give back to researches and workers saving lives and making strides in mental health. 

Since then, we've added The Trevor Project, The Born This Way Foundation, Pathway To Hope, Planned Parenthood, Operation Breakthrough, Folds of Honor, Midwest Innocence Project and more. 


Our new favorite thing? Partnering with local brands to support local causes! In 2018 our favorite partnership was with Betty Rae's Ice Cream, creating 3 ice cream inspired candles and 3 Crumble inspires ice creams! We raised over $1,000+ in the first day for Operation Breakthrough.

We've also launched entire collections for sexual education and resource foundations, raising over $3,000+ in 2018, and donating an additional $18,000 in product to supporting causes, auctions and monthly boxes.

Gift Baskets
We also partner up with local non-profits and organizations such as Women In Film, Aids Walk and Reclamation Clubhouse to auction off gift baskets! We auctioned off over 20+ gift baskets in 2018. 

Special Edu Program

We work closely with local Kansas schools special education programs to provide in-work experience for students learning new skills in a professional environment, every Monday and Thursday.

Monthly Bar
Every month we stretch our mission, to support other local non-profits through our Monthly Bar. 100% of the proceeds from our Monthly Bar go the the cause of the month, such as Folds of Honors cheeky aroma "Posty Melon". Our Monthly Bar sells our FAST, if you see it, snag it!


We'd like to thank those who make it happen. The phone operators, researchers and those who go door to door for important causes. Without you, our our efforts would be fruitless and the world would be a darker place. Thank you!

A huge thank you to Pathway To Hope and the Reclamation Clubhouse, for nationally recognizing our efforts in Mental Health at their 2018 Ignite A Passion Gala. Thank you, thank you, thank you!