1. When will my order ship?
Normally, the majority of orders will begin the shipping process within 3-5 Business days(times may extend during large Holiday Restock Events). Once a shipping email is received please allow a day or two for USPS to receive the package. Warehouse USPS pick ups are Monday-Thursday.

2. What is curing, and how do I do it?
Curing your freshly made wax is chemistry! Your wax will throw the best aroma after 1-2 weeks of curing. Some die-hard curing fans choose to cure up to 3-4 weeks before melting! 
Curing your wax is easy, simply refrain from melting it or removing it from the packaging. Other products such as candles, bath and body do not need curing and can be used upon arrival!

3. What are Restock Events?
We’re a small team, lucky enough to be making the most in-demand indie wax in the world! We only offer fresh products specifically made for each Restock. If our website is empty, please rest assured we are working hard to add more products very soon - and we will release the “Restock Event” date in the Facebook Group. We only sell pre-made products. 

4. Returns, Refunds & Exchanges?
Crumble Co. products are an affordable way to enjoy our many quirky and unique aromas. It is for this reason that we are unable to to offer returns, exchanges or refunds to any order (for any reason). All sales are final. Read More Policies...

5. Can I eat this stuff?
While tempting, please don’t. You cheeky devil you.

6. Where is Crumble Co. located?
Crumble Co. was first established in Baltimore, Maryland as “Wax Crumbles” by Brandon Love, and is currently located in Bonner Springs, Kansas where we opened our first Retail location in 2018!

7. Can I submit a question to Love-Stream TV?
Sure can, click here! Love-Stream is our online web-show, available in our Facebook Group.

8. Samples, stickers, random freebies are thrown into almost all orders but are never guaranteed.

9. What is the Crumble Family?
Click here, sugar!