Bitchcraft Wax Bar

$ 7.00

A neglected cottage in the copse of a wood begins the adventure. Aphotic herbs intertwined with mystical incense. Lilac, hypnotic and powdery, blooms in the shadowed distance. Something fragrant this way comes....


Our wax products are artisan-designed and handcrafted (as well as hand-poured) in small batches. Each wax creation is an individualized work of heart.
Due to the handcrafted nature of our items, subtle variances can (and should) be expected batch-to-batch.
Our wax products are proudly crafted with double the industry-standard fragrance load. This means that our products represent the most affordable home fragrance option since our items are specifically formulated to last twice as long!
Each Crumble Co. Wax Brick weighs approximately three ounces. Simply place one (1) cube into any burner of your choice and melt for four-eight hours. Each fragrance cube can be utilized for two-five days.

Bitch craft! Listing includes ONE BAR. Photo is so show off collectable labels :) 

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