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Underwires that dig. Tiger stripes that stretch from tit to tit.

Luckily, there’s relief for the bouncy. Happy Boobies is a petroleum-free, vegan salve that helps relieve the itching, discomfort, and irritation caused by chafing - now with added StretchLess stretch mark technology!

With nourishing ingredients like organic shea butter, aloe, lemon peel oil, castor oil, Vitamin E, cocoa butter and chamomile, Happy Boobies soothes as it protects, leaving your skin soft and irritation-free. Infused with a blend of ginger and white tea, Happy Boobies has a light, natural fragrance you’ll love.

And it’s not just for the twins, either—Happy Boobies works wonders on thunder thighs and anywhere else you experience chafing or stretch marks. In fact, it works so well for all kinds of bodies and all kinds of body parts, your significant other may be tempted to steal yours. (So, skip the fight and just get two, amirite?)

Happy Boobies will make you feel so good in your own skin that you’ll be bopping around like an extra in a Jane Fonda video in no time.

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