Face Baste

Face Baste

Meet Face Baste!
For your gorgeous self, yes you, butterball! A handcrafted nighttime facial oil to moisturize skin & add glow!

Apply and rub in before bed, wash your face in the morning and- You. Will. SHINE.

We're not saying you'll stay young forever like a cheesy vampire romance, but, this'll sure help! You may even sparkle in the sun a little. Who knows!

When do I use Face Baste?

Face Baste is a one-step product most commonly used at night! It’s meant to be applied after washing and drying the face. Wash and cleanse face daily after 4-8 hours of application time. Many customers apply it morning and night for maximum results.

How long until I see results?

Customers are noticing improved skin health within 24 hours! It typically takes 7 days of straight usage for visible benefits. The longer you use Face Baste the greater the results.

Will the oil clog my pores?

Face Baste is a plant-based oil blend, it’s lightweight and absorbs quickly enough for all skin types! Experience zero clogged pores with recommended usage.