Halloween Town Wax Melt

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There’s something about this town that you can’t quite put your finger on.

It started out small: the unexpected chill in the air that has you snuggling a little deeper into your sweater.

The decorations you see popping up everywhere. So extravagant, so… macabre. Is that an actual severed hand? Nah, couldn’t be. (Right?)

And then there’s that tantalizing smell, warm and spicy sweet. Seems like it’s everywhere. Where is it coming from?

Knots of children whispering and giggling conspiratorially, who abruptly fall silent when they notice you noticing them. You’re getting crazy B-movie vibes off those little weirdos. WHAT ARE THEY PLOTTING BEHIND THOSE CUPPED HANDS?

And there it is again, that smell. It’s nice and all, appropriately seasonal and nostalgic—distinct notes of amber, black cherry, sandalwood, and cream—but where the actual fuck is it coming from?

Oh, God. A rat. A GIANT RAT just ran off with the severed hand. For the love of candy corn, what is going on in this town?

The whole thing feels a little spooky. A little creepy. A lot like Halloween.


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