Gummy Bears Wax Melts

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You tear into the crinkly plastic with all of the delicacy of a rabid wolverine. The smell of fruit hits your nose and your mouth begins to water. Using your elbow, you keep your sister at bay as you dig deep into the bag.

“The red ones are mine,” you say.

“No fair! I paid for them, too—why should you get first pick?” she grumbles. “I want all of the white ones, then.”

(Fine by you—the white ones are gross, but you don’t tell her that.)

You pause as though thinking it over and then say, “Okay, but only if I can have the orange ones, too. You can have green and we’ll split the yellow.”

She nods in agreement, pleased to have gotten her way. Little sisters are so gullible.

Your choices secure, you finally relinquish the bag as you pop one of the miniature bears into your mouth. Victory is sweet.

Fresh-squeezed lemons meet magnificent raspberries and juicy peach in a joyous blend so delicious, you can practically taste it. Perfect for the young and the young at heart!

Gone are the days of methodically dipping bits of string into vats of rendered tallow to make candles so that you can ward off the unrelenting darkness of those long, winter evenings (which you will then spend darning socks while Pa reads aloud from the scriptures, naturally). 

Basically, candles are yesterday’s news—wax melts are where it’s at. In the era of artificial light, we just want our homes to smell nice, damn it. In this crazy, mixed up world, can we at least agree on that much?

Why We’re the Internet’s Favorite Wax Melts

  • Hundreds of fun scents
  • Even funner names (not a real word—still true, though)
  • American-sourced soy, oils, and packaging
  • Non-toxic, phthalate-free fragrances
  • Safe around kiddos and fuzzy friends
  • Each package lasts 7x longer than an 8 oz. candle (ask our customers!)
  • Our secret soy blend releases aroma consistently and throws far in most wax warmers

The Internet’s Favorite Wax Melt

Your home deserves better than basic apple pie and fresh tube socks out of your candles and wax melts.

  • 1 bar lasts 7x longer than an 8 oz candle
  • American sourced soy, oils and packaging
  • Safe around kiddos and fuzzy friends

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