You Can Now Buy Anxiety Relief Candle Melts

You Can Now Buy Anxiety Relief Candle Melts

The smell of heavy weight linen blankets crushing the deepest depths of your anxious soul, and pure vanilla bean snorted right off of Ryan Goslings chiseled abs.

Hey girl, I heard you had a tough day. Let’s cuddle. -Ryan, probably.

Lush peony, jasmine and notes of faded orchid. A drizzle of Egyptian musk deepens this popular creation famed for turning any frown upside down.
Meet Anxiety Relief candles melts by Crumble Co., a mental health advocacy brand with over 500+ aromas and growing! 

Launching a full skin care range in 2020 in both Anxiety Relief and Depression Relief, designed by aromatherapists alongside founder Brandon Love: "When I moved away from my family, nothing felt more home than sweet vanilla entangled with a warm blanket. We designed this aroma to bring comfort for those lonely moments, while also being the perfect home-staple for when everyone is together."

Anxiety Relief is often sold out, but restocked as fast as possible. Grab yours here! Or grab Depression Relief, here!

What fans are saying: 

"This was my first scent from Crumble! The scent I HAD TO have and the only thing I ordered in one order. My assumption was right and it was SO worth the single order!!! If I could make an order of 17 I would! My boyfriend says it smells like soap and has gotten tired of me burning it over and over but I personally think it smells edible and sweet. It does smell like a clean room to me but I could eat it! If you can only order one thing from crumble, this is it!" - Shaelee P.


"Really nice! Already ordered several more and now the perfume to go with it. I love it after a long, stressful day at work. I don’t always love florals, but this is so lightly floral and just really lovely." - Alexandra V.


"AMAZING. So soothing! It smells like climbing in a clean bed with fresh sheets and blankets. I save this for special occasions when I have people over because everyone always loves it so much and asks me what it is. You can go wrong with this one. Plus who doesn’t want the chance to get a wax buddy!!" - Bailey C. 


"Anxiety relief is a must for anyone no matter what your scent preference is. this wax truly is magic not just from its beauty in my warmer, but how it has the power to bring me back to a relaxed state during an anxiety attack (no matter how minor or major it may be)." - Leslie 


"Smells SOOOOO AMAZING!! I seriously had my doubts but this smells absolutely delicious and totally unique. To me it smells like vanilla frosting, but not too SWEET, somehow more fresh. After owning the melts, I bought the lotion because I wanted to take this scent with me everywhere I go!" - Annabel K. 


With over 500 5-Star Reviews, Anxiety Relief is the perfect home aroma & gift for everyone on your list! Grab yours, here!

Next, please! How long do wax melts last for?

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