"Wonka of Wax" Dark times melt into quirky joy for Brandon Love’s Crumble Co

With scents as varied as “Lavender Lemonade” and “Drunken Unicorn,” Brandon Love’s Crumble Co. burns in a unique — Love would say “joyful” — space within the candle market.

A wide grin spreads across the 21-year-old founder’s face as he notes the name of the wax melt spreading aroma throughout his loft apartment at One Light in downtown Kansas City.

“That’s ‘Sexy Lumberjack’ … a Christmas classic,” he says, laughing.

Online sales from the candle company are successful enough to pay for Love’s upper-floor luxury apartment, as well as support the team of four at his Olathe production facility, he said. And Love is continuing to grow the brand.

“I really want Crumble Co. to be Kansas City’s aroma company,” the feisty, young business owner said. “There’s a lot of hipster-esque brands and chill brands, but I want to be like, ‘No. Screw it. Let’s go all-pink, wild.’ I like colors and loud and craziness.” Continue reading, click here. Article originally from Startland Nwws.

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