The Queer Crafted Goods Mission

What brought us here.

Crumble was first crafted in the kitchen of teenage Brandon Love's mother's house, in Baltimore, Maryland. After testing and wrecking her pots & pans, Brandon set off to start his life- handmade business by his side. 

Through the years to come, Crumble grew into a movement, a mission, spearheaded by Brandon and his closest queer friends and straight allies. Celebrating queer success, mental health awareness and proving it can be done by a little gay kid from the Baltimore suburbs has inspired thousands of makers and LGBTQIA+ friends to jump into the world of business, making & artistry. 

Today as a brand who celebrates it's many LGBTQIA+ & straight allied employees, individuality and perseverance, we strive to put fellow Queer owned brands on the very stage we built for our own success.

TLDR; We want to share our reach and uplift fellow Queer owned businesses.

So what is the Queer Crafted Goods mission? (AKA our gay agenda)

We will be expanding our boutique selection to carry brands beyond just the one's we own! We will be expanding heavily in majorly LGBTQIA+ and some allied owned brands in hopes to help uplift these very brands that share our values, and give customers and allies a place to shop and explore Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans owned brands for their everyday essentials. 

Why Support Queer Owned? 

The LGBTQIA+ community has faced decades of discriminatory framing in media, marketing and Hollywood. This homophobic rhetoric has encouraged a toxic idea that Queer youth are at risk to be less successful than our straight counterparts, that Queer business people are "less serious" and thus less prone to succeed.  As a young Queer entrepreneur, our founder Brandon has faced this very discrimination when negotiating for the best supplies, pricing and sales opportunities. In 2019 Brandon began working one-on-one with young Queerpreneurs, helping them often navigate the discriminatory ideas in each industry holding us back as LGBTQIA+ folks.  This mission is to flip the script, and to show Queer success, Queer ownership and Queer artistry to the very youth who need to see it to believe it.  We highly encourage you to shop Queer owned, shop Black owned and shop Woman owned. Because representation matters. 

Legal Notice: Crumble is a dedicated non-discrimination employer, while we attract many LGBTQIA+ applicants due to the nature of our brands story, we hire based on background and work ethic alone. Crumble Co proudly employs folks of all genders, sexual orientations, races & beliefs and is a proud equal opportunity employer and backer of the Fight For $15 movement. Brand's carried on are not strictly limited to LGBTQIA+ ownership, happily we invite allies to apply to retail with us. 

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