SLN: Health scare forced KC’s colorful wax guru to get serious: ‘This is Crumble growing up with me'

Brandon Love is keeping his iconic, brightly-colored hair, but melting away distractions that could be holding back his already wildly successful, but evolving lifestyle brand, Crumble Co., he said.

The first to go: Some of the eye-catching candle and wax product names that first caught customers’ attention because of their tongue-in-cheek innuendos and four-letter words, said Love, Crumble’s founder and owner.

“[When I started out] I decided I’m just going to do ‘me’ — I’m going to cuss where I want, I’m going to make sexual jokes where I want — and then my dad had a heart attack and everything changed,” the young entrepreneur explained, referencing his parents, who both work alongside him in the venture. “I realized that this company needs to succeed, not just for me but for my family.”

Growing the business from humble beginnings in Baltimore —... Continue reading, click here. Article from Startland News.

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