Learning to LOVE your body & stop worrying about being "ugly and fat"!

Learning to LOVE your body & stop worrying about being "ugly and fat"!

Do you like mouth sounds, like chewing and gum smacking? No?

Well I mean, no one does… until you put that shit on youtube. 


ASMR is an ear to ear therapeutic 3D sound experience, that’s like “all the rage” on youtube right now.

— I’m obsessed with it.

Three whole years of ASMR pulling me out of dark times, panic attacks and helping me feel less alone during sad times, using only the cruddy headphones that came with my old phone meant one thing, it was time for an upgrade.

Months of saving up on a ramen noodle budget. Stalking the amazon Black Friday sales. I found my prey— beautiful, huge, and my favorite brand! $500 (normally $800 so like, totally a deal okay).

Insert paper whooshing sounds here, as I rip open the box with a smile on it and peel the plastic off of my fresh new ear friend (I hope you’re tingling thinking of peeling the plastic, that’s ASMR yo).

I plop them over my head, and round my ears. Cupping me like only a mother could— but plastic and metal…

Anyway— music on, BAM I’m at a concert. I’ve never purchased something so expensive before! This is clearly what hard work and pay off feels like, and I might be addicted now.

I pull up youtube (and this is before there premium stuff, so it’s commercials and keeping my phone open still but SO worth it). Find my favorite ASMR artist.

The theme tune softly plays and the jingle of wind chimes across there logo already have me quivering. In comes the spine chilling wonders of my favorite ASMR videos, I’ve seen hundreds of times by now. This time— they are brand new again.

— OH.

Everything but an orgasm, can describe this amazing new feeling. Relaxation to a new level. Relishing in my payoff.

I wear them out and about, I walk my dog in them, I fall asleep in them (SO comfortable!).

They are an extension of my body! I bring them everywhere.

…Until one day.

You know who isn’t always my best friend? The mirror.

Dancing, lip syncing, feeling sexy AF. I jump in front of my bathroom mirror to really soak in my Twink boy Beyonce realness.

Only to find a bunny. A tubby one at that.

A slow halt to my singing, I find myself leaning into the mirror and squishing my cheeks.

These giant headphones make me look… Fat faced.

All the joy they brought me, the freedom they made me feel, the comfort during the worst of times— only to in the blink of an eye, become an accessory I clearly couldn’t wear. 


Money down the drain, all the confident times I’ve remembered flaunting them now tainted. It took one second in the mirror! But years and years of society-trained self doubt (yeah, thanks Hollywood!).

I swore to only wear them inside, but with my busy life that meant wearing my old phone's headphones most of the time... No joy to my day, full of frustrations and working extra hard to feel attractive and confident now that I knew, well that I was a tubby bunny!

I walked into an electronics shop. A usually exciting feel, new things rock right? This time, to replace my hard earned favorite headphones— that clearly betrayed me!

Mirrors are not in the headphone section, FYI. So I was duck facing in my front phone camera for an hour, only to walk out with $150 smaller headphones that are, popular to say the least. They BEATS the rest, so say all the commercials and salesmen.


Quality? Alright. Comfort? None— they hurt to wear for 30 minutes or more. Connectivity? Headache, no wire means cruddy bluetooth.

I was just one unhappy bunny.

I had to confront myself here: Why was having tubby cheeks something to be so vain about? Embarrassed and worried of?

I find going as far into my reasons and core thoughts as I can go always leads me to a real answer, and past the society instilled one we’re kinda branded with at birth.

Being tubby is unhealthy? Nah. I’m unhappy with my body? Heck that. I’m worried my potential mate will see me and be turned off, and leave me forever alone riddled with the thoughts of what ifs? Oh, haha yeah that.

The core thought.

Let’s challenge it? That’s my motto.

— This is a process where I talk to myself a lot, by the way. I find training yourself to be your own best therapist is important.

Me to me: Is your ideal mate, your SOUL MATE if you will… Are they going to judge you for headphones making your cheeks tubbier? Are they going to write you off for having jiggle at all?

As I thought on it… And struggled with it. I had to ask who my idea soulmate was!

He’s kind. He see’s past skin deep. He’s intellectual and in love with me for my brain, my humor and my legacy. He’s someone who loves my body but never as much as he loves my mind and soul— because bodies decay anyway!

Gettin’ real philosophical here.

As I sit with it, I know my dream mate. I know my headphones are NOT going to run away the man I will marry!

I put my headphones back on, and in that moment…

Sweet bliss.

Bliss both in my ears, and back in my confidence. He’s out there and he’s going to love my headphones— or better yet, not think twice about my adorable tubby bunny cheeks.

As I sit and write this chapter, in my favorite restaurant eating cinnamon toast crunch cheesecake (let it be KNOWN y’all), I walked out of the house this morning headphones (THOSE headphones) on, kissing my boyfriend who loves me and my cheeks— all four— right on the lips.

Someone who loves me for who I am, and all the things I love. Including my body.

We manifest everyone into our lives, through not just our thoughts (woo woo stuff) but through our confidence and our daily interactions which all stem down to how we feel about ourselves.

You can’t force yourself to be taller. You can’t lose weight overnight without losing a limb. You can though, work on that confidence and inner beauty. It will bring you the joy of your life— which is already too short to not be searching for every ounce of joy in…

Headphones included.

— Now back to my cheesecake. 




Your body may not be the body for you. Too often we obsess over the idea of having the ideal body of who we would be attracted to for ourselves— it’s important to know statistically, as well as in faith, that the partner of your dreams as far as mind and body are concerned, exists out there in MANY forms and places. And many of those exact people are looking for a mind and body combo just like your own. 


You’ll match up in time. Don’t try to be something you’re not, you can’t date yourself. Technically. 


I learned this lesson in early business. I was broke, like ramen noodle budget living. So I priced all my products around where I was in my life— which in turn kept me where I was. Low prices, high overhead, I stayed broke. 


I had to realize I wasn’t selling my art to myself, my dream customer wasn’t a ramen noodle budget artist. It was a higher class women, with expendable income. Someone who prioritized having various art forms in their life but not so keen on creating themselves. I was selling them an experience and I should price for that, and who I’m selling to. 


Moral of the story is I stopped being broke, and single. 




1. What are some body issues you're currently facing?
2. What's one thing about your body you love?

Next, please! How to find self love (in a court room?)

Comment & let's chit chat :)


I didnt read this when the email blast was sent about it, but im SO glad I read it today. Realistically I know that there are men that like and even prefer larger bodies, ive even dated men like this, and its something I constantly reiterate to my other chubby friends when theyre insecure. My boyfriend has never said anything negative about my body, but it doesnt rid me of these random pangs of insecurity I get. Reading this today helped.

Heather Vahling

The one thing I wish I could change in my body would be my weight. I know what the typical answer but to try and be healthier to keep up with my daughter and everything else I’d love to lose like 20 pounds be back down to where I was before I had her. Would it make me happier not sure but it’s definitely something I wish I could change easily and I struggle with it even with trying to be active I’m also very lazy lately with other medical issues that have been coming up with like the kidneys draining my energy and chasing a toddler. The things I like is my spirit and my personality and I know that’s one thing my husband married me for was my heart and my personality. But he does do photography and does shoot younger models that I sometimes feel like I’m being compared to and sometimes he’ll sideways remark things like I’ll offer 2 help get him set up with his photography to be his practice model and he’ll tell me know it’s okay. And I know it’s because I’ve gained quite a bit more since we’ve been married.


This is the most amazing thing I have read in a long time! As far as body issues I hate my stomach. My arms and legs are average-sized but my stomach really sticks out. My ex used to harass me constantly about how fat I was. I feel like that’s the reason why now I’m very self-conscious about getting intimate with a guy. I feel like as soon as I take my shirt off, he’ll be totally grossed out. As far as what I like about myself, my hair. I’ve never had nice hair until I found this haircut I have now. It’s so much easier to manage and it actually looks nice.

Alicia Wyatt

I have had two children and I have an androgen issue. My body produces too much of the male hormone and it hangs onto the weight. I also have hair that grows on my chin. I’m overweight, I suffer from anxiety and depression and I have no friends. I had ankle surgery last year and I’m
Having trouble getting my workplace to let me work full time again.


I struggle with a body that KEEPS CHANGING!
It’s nuts! I gained tons of weight due to what eventually became CANCER, removed my thyroid, the whole whopping thing, before diagnosis I gained an obscene amount of weight. I was about 400 pounds! 😱 I am now about 250 and never went on a diet not went to the gym. I have NO clue how that happened! I don’t mind being a bbw at all! I walk and let my booty wiggle with pride !! It’s just this GUT that is a bit saggy 😫😫 I just throw on some spanx and rock it! I’m fucking ALIVE!! In love!! Am loved! Took a huge leap towards my odd eclectic dreams (yes more than one), I have amazing crazy kids who live their own truths ❤️❤️ I am considering plastic surgery to correct what cancer jacked up… but I’m not ready for that yet.. I might not do it at all… this is me…. and I’m loved for every wrinkle, dimple, double chin, wiggly thighs, bright green eyes, full pouty lips , creative crafty mind, kind heart, giving nature , free spirited yet shy person that I am! These are my “flaws” and they are fucking fabulous!!! Without these scars and deflated rolls, I could not be here and in the amazing mental space I am now! ❤️❤️❤️ Y’all best love ya flub! Or as my kid says “lubb the flubb” ❤️❤️😁😊(make THAT a wax name!!)


I absolutely LOVE ASMR!!!
I’ve never been a “big” person, but I have always had personal issues with my sides. The way my body is shaped, I have prominent love handles that sit above my hips. This gives me muffin top without even wearing tight pants.

I have started to believe that I am pretty even when I don’t try! When I was in middle and high school, I never really thought I was it’s only been in the last year or so that I’ve changed my way of thinking. It’s amazing what an attitude shift can do!


Ever since I had my little baby 3 years ago, I have been having troubles with believing in myself. Body image has always been important to me. I am getting married on the 7th and my dress is a tad bit tighter than when I first tried it on. I have been feeling so down about myself. I keep telling myself that I won’t be able to get married because my dress won’t fit. After reading this article and all of the comments, I have a bit more faith in my body. My fiancé loves me the way I am. Gaining weight or losing weight.
Everyone’s body is perfect the way it is. This is the way we were made. 💕embrace it. Show it off. Love yourself. Much love to everyone ❤️


I had 2 kids and my stomach is squishier than ever. As much as I hate it, it’s also my favorite part of my body because it carried and nurtured my two amazing kids! I wish I was skinnier, I wish I ate healthier, but I will never let myself hate the body that is a reflection of the babies I carried! My boobs also grew about 4 sizes in the last 5 years and I hate them. They make every shirt I wear look inappropriate, but I love my long, gorgeous hair! ❤️


I used to be 110 lbs and i loved it. But now that I am 220lbs i cant say that I am too thrilled. But I found love and I know that my SO loves me for my chubby fluffy pillow of a body… Plus I rock plus sized clothes!!💜💜


I’m pretty confident but I was an early bloomer and have always been one of the bigger kids I was tall and awkward and my shoulders are broad. Over the years as my friends caught up growing to me I didn’t feel as awkward but I still try to find clothing to flatter my figure

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