How do wax melts work?

How do wax melts work?

Wax melts are sweeping the nation as a money saving and safer alternative to candles, but many people aren't familiar with it. If you're new, here you'll find helpful information on scenting your home with wax melts and getting the best use out of the product. 

1. What are wax melts?

Much like the flame of a candle heats the wax, releasing aromas throughout your home, wax melts sit in a heated dish and melt hot enough to release aroma without the flame! Which also means, no wax burns off into your air, just aroma. Some wax melters are plug-in electric, while some use tea light candles below a suspended dish. Both can make for a phenomenal fragrance experience! 

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2. Are wax melts safer than candles?

While wax melts work much like a candle, where wax is melted and aroma oil is released from the hard wax, the benefit is no flame touching the wax itself. A direct flame can burn your fragrance and alter the perfumers creative vision. When wax itself is burned, it must go somewhere, the air, the walls, the carpets. Over time, burned wax builds up in a home which isn't that comfy at all. 

No flame also means less chance of fire hazard, making wax melts more ideal for homes with curious children and animals. Just ask the National Candle Association, who report an average of 25 home candle fires every day. 

Wax warming helps avoid these hazards. Even when a warmer is left on, most warmers are tested thoroughly by ETL or UL certified tests, which means they are safe to leave on. 

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3. Are wax melts cheaper than candles?

Safety aside, wax melts also serve as a money saving alternative to candles, especially for those of us who go a little candle-crazy. Wax melts typically contain more fragrance per ounce of wax, and use a blend of wax created for melting without flame. Some wax blends even being non-burnable all together do to natural additives. 


The ability to swap your aromas, control how many cubes to melt and the higher strength makes wax melts an easy way to save on home aroma. Our wax melts contain double to triple the industry average. 

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So there it is! Dive on in to the world of wax, knowing safety and fragrance experience are always first.


Wax melts lasting up to 288 hours per brick!

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DeNay Simpson

I have used Scentsy for years and now their product just does not last longer than 2 days. A friend told me about your wax so I just made my first order. The only thing I am confused about is she was naming scents that I could not find on your page. I only saw 4 scents…did I look in the wrong place? I cannot wait to get my sample pack in plus the other two scents I ordered.

Billie Jean

I found this site after my son Matthew was thinking about suicide and I was just looking for answers to so many questions I have. I’m 43 and absolutely love fragrance and how it can make u feel all gooey and warm inside. I love crumble co. and their products are so unique and creative.

Beth Davis

I have depression I try to kill myself more then once


Can I get a free sample

Miranda Leahy

Not only did I discover I liked new and different fragrances, this company helped me get through some dark and difficult days. The Crumble Family is the best community of people on the planet! Anyway, who knew I’d go from strictly “clean linen” to fruity, minty, bright, earthy and unusual scents!!! Depression Relief is a hero in wax form! Thank you Brandon Love for everything you and your amazing crew and family have done and continue to do!😚😘

Melissa Lynn

Crumble really is the BEST . Their Products are ALL amazing! You won’t find scents like these anywhere else. They’re so beautiful, the wax melts, the labels. It’s ALL AMAZING! And Brandon, let me just tell you, he is the most kind hearted person, he listens to the crumble family. He cares about us and IT SHOWS. Crumble is stuck with me for life!!!

Mistie Jeffcoat

I love wax melts, been using them for years. Crumble Co. Is the most potentant wax I’ve come across. They also have the best variety to fit everyone’s home.

Erin Townsend

These wax melts are the best on the market! If you’re looking for something to be potent and lasts a long time (seriously, I’ve been melting the scent Shark Attack for 8-10 hours the last two days!) shop no more my friend. Seriously give this amazing and wonderful company a try!

Alicia Hofman

Brandon an the crumble team always amaze me with what they come up with. And Brandon listens to his family (us amazing people) on what we want an always delivers! The wax is gorgeous and the smells are something you can’t find ANYWHERE !! I haven’t bought wax melts any where else in 2+ years and I won’t!


Crumble is next level on every level!!! Absolutely wonderful product! From the ordering process to the wax burner! Ive never seen such beautiful wax in my life, much like the Creator and many staff! Thank you ❤️

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