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How fast is shipping?

Damaged goods

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Can I wholesale?

What is curing?

Does wax expire?

Is everything vegetarian?

Does it have glitter (micro-plastics)?

Can I {please} eat it!?

Can I open wax bars before curing?

How do I remove wax from my warmer?

What's the best way to store everything?

Can my kids use these?

What kind of warmers should I use for wax?


What is the Crumble Family?

What is Love-Stream TV?

How do I sign up for emails?

Is Crumble Co. Political?

Refunds & Exchanges

My goodies broke in the mail!

I don't love something

Can I swap something?

Other Questions

What's a "Restock"?

Who's this Brandon Love person?

Is there a physical shop?

Can I have samples?

CrumBucks Rewards Program

What's CrumBucks?

Do CrumBucks expire?

I didn't get rewarded for my birthday!

Can I gift my CrumBucks to someone else?